The Marketing Consultant with a juicy offering

We can help you develop and package your offering. We can help you create marketing plans and help you better understand your market. We can help you convey your message in text, audio or video for print, digital or social media channels. We can help you increase your sales via coordinated marketing activities.

Let us help you discover your possibilities and make them happen.

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Our Services

Creative Director
Marketing Consultant

Interim CMO
Virtual Marketing Department


Market Research

Digital Marketing
Social Media
Content Marketing

Why Gorringe Marketing?

We offer marketing services for businesses that are looking for smart and creative marketing that builds their brand and grows their business. We have the competence and experience to innovate and develop your marketing and we have the resources, network and time to make it happen. From development of offerings and strategy to execution and evaluation.

Our business values are Inspire, Develop and Deliver.
We are fast starters, make a real difference and deliver results.

Why settle for “good enough” when good enough just stands in the way of great.
Let us show you why we are great at what we do.

An example of a computer animated video produced for one of our clients.

Clients and Assignments

We have been fortunate enough to work with many exiting companies and projects. Large corporations and small and medium sized businesses. Short term projects and long term collaborations.

Clients and assignments that challenge us each and every day and help us pay the bills.

Our clients can be found within many market verticals such Bank & Finance, Communications & Media, Construction, HR, IT, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Services.


We are a small company but we do not stand alone. We have surrounded ourselves with a large number of business partners that each and every one offer something that complements our offering and makes us better.

Among our partners are companies offering expertise within the following areas:
Advertising & Production, Business Intelligence, Digital Media and Display, Automated Content, Profile Products as well as Audio, Image and Video Production and Live Streaming.

The Power is in the Network.

Our History

Who is Michael Gorringe?

An American and Englishman living in Stockholm Sweden. A driven entrepreneur, visionary and inspirer. Over 20 years of experience as a leader within marketing, PR and sales. Founder of several businesses but also previous Marketing and Program Executive at IBM and Marketing Director at TD Tech Data. In Sweden, the Nordics and globally.

So what about the Orange?

The easiest way to correctly pronounce “Gorringe” is to add a “G” in front of the word “Orange” and there you have it!

In addition, the color orange stands for competence, practical knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm, motivational, welcoming and dedication.
Characteristics that pretty much sums us up!

Why Gorringe Marketing?

A business cooperation is a bit like a personal relationship.

In business however the problem is often that many ignore the initial stages when developing a trustworthy relationship and simply go straight to the “will you marry me” question.

Not us though. We are of course very interested in a long-term business relationship but why not simply start with a first date. Time for an initial call or meeting? Get in touch with us!

Gorringe Marketing AB
Vanadisvagen 20
SE-113 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46-70-262 20 02

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